The Simon Group Stylists was founded in 2014 by Hair and Make-Up Extraordinaire, Marnee Simon. During her 20+ year career catering to all genres of Photo, Video, Runway, and Special Events, it became obvious that she needed to grow. On larger sets with multiple models or talent, where Marnee was paired with other freelance stylists, she often noticed a lack of consistency and care that her clients well deserved. In our industry, the successful understand how great teamwork adds up to more than the sum of its parts, and that reputation is truly everything. These two principles are what The Simon Group Stylists was founded upon.

Marnee then scoured the country to find the most reputable and talented stylists, hand selecting only the best for her team. Finding the perfect combinations of experience, talent, and professionalism, we are now able to accommodate larger commissions, where one, two, or several stylists are needed, as well as smaller shoots with limited budgets for small business. Our client list, which is growing exponentially, include moguls like Swarovski, Merck, Coca Cola, Crayola, and NBC to name a few. Some of our stylists have proudly styled Katy Perry, 50 cent, Joan Rivers, and M Night Shyamalan and have been published in Vogue, Instyle, Fashion Journal, and Lucky Magazines. Most of our stylists have abundantly experienced working with acclaimed international photographers and ad agencies, and our equally important and beautiful brides!

One thing that our stylists all have in common, is that we love what we do, we love meeting and working with other great creative minds in an industry that we adore! We are proud to represent stylists in 11 states across the nation, and that our reputation has afforded us bookings globally!

We look forward to working with you all!